Dr. Sanjay Bhalla
M.B., B.S MS ENT DO-HNS (RCS) England
ENT Surgeon

Dr. Sanjay has over 10 years experience as an ENT Surgeon in General and University Hospitals in India and the UAE. He acquired his basic ENT training and experience in India and obtained his masters degree in ENT from MAHE University, India. He then underwent further training and received his diploma in Otolaryngology and Head & Neck surgery from The Royal college of Surgeons of England. Prior to moving to Dubai he worked in a major ENT unit in Bombay specializing in mastoid and endoscopic sinus surgery.

Dr. Sanjay has a special interest in assessment and treatment of hearing defects. He is also trained in Aviation Medicine and is an authorized UAE General Civil Aviation Authority Aviation Medical Examiner. He is a member of the Maharashtra and Karnataka Medical Councils, India and Association of Otolaryngologists of India.

Dr. Sanjay can be consulted for :

• Nasal allergies
• Ear diseases
• Vertigo (giddiness)
• Hearing loss assessment and advice
• Diagnostic endoscopic ENT procedures
• ENT emergencies – nasal bleeding, foreign bodies in the aerodigestive tract etc.