Your Health – Your Choice

Beyond our responsibility for providing clinical and curative services, we believe our role extends to empowering you to exercise more control over your health. We consider it is our duty to provide you with information that will help you make an informed choice about your healthcare.

Here at uniCare you will discover that you have a partner who will assist you to accept more responsibility and be more active in the choices you make in your health and lifestyle decisions so that you may achieve optimal health and enjoy life to its full potential.

Total solutions

Our Corporate Wellness team can assist you whether you are a small or large corporation. We analyze your specific requirements and advise and implement wellness programs customized to your requirements. Our programs will address specific health concerns associated with your employee population, provide results in an effective manner and encourage ongoing employee involvement and training on preventive health and lifestyle choices...

All Under One Roof

By bringing together most of the primary health care and ancillary services that you may require, uniCare provides a coordinated and enhanced healthcare experience.

From a simple consultation with your family doctor to complete health evaluations or even a quick botox treatment or cosmetic dentistry, uniCare provides all of these under one roof...

Health Evaluations

Your health evaluations at uniCare have been designed to identify any existing health problems, assess your disease risk factors and provide you with the tools and recommendations to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. uniCare provides different levels of evaluations to suit your lifestyle and risk factors. Your health assessment will include a comprehensive range of tests...