Pre-employment medical checks

uniCare has extensive experience in pre-employment medical screening, working with many leading organizations within and outside the UAE. We can customize your corporate pre-employment checks based on the job profile of the candidate. Our pre-employment screening is geared towards providing a seamless service for organizations and include pick up of candidates to delivery of reports with a turnaround time not exceeding 48 hours for normal reports.

Please find below various services offered in pre-employment packages. Place a check mark on the services that you would require and submit it for a quotation of charges for the services.

General examination Investigations
History & Physical Examination
Complete Blood Count
Other examinations
Fasting Glucose
Complete Eye Check
Fasting Lipids (Cholesterol, Trig.)
Lung Function Test
Liver Function Test
Uric acid
HIV antibody screen
Chest X-ray
Hepatitis B screen
X-rays of spine
Hepatitis C screen
X-rays of specific joints
Urine analysis
Stool analysis
Additional Investigations Additional Tests/checks
Urine drug screen
Blood alcohol level
Blood Group
Name of Organization
Approximate number of pre-emp. checks annually
Contact person
Contact number
E Mail
Additional comments