Offshore Oil & Gas Medicals & Assessments

OGUK (formerly UKOOA) Medicals

Offshore medicals are periodic medical examinations carried out to ensure an individual is fit to work in an offshore oil and gas exploration and production environment. The unrestricted OGUK certificate, which is valid for 2 years, is acceptable for offshore work in the North Sea. However many operators are increasingly using the OGUK guidelines for medical assessment of their employees in other locations.

As well as carrying out the full range of statutory medicals, uniCare can create individually tailored medicals.

The results of standard OGUK medicals may be obtained on the same day. For individually tailored medicals and extended medicals the reports are turned around in 24 hours.

Standard requirements of OGUK medicals

• Photographic ID of the examinee
• Consultation with OGUK registered doctor
• A comprehensive medical, social and occupational history
• Audiometry
• Urine Analysis
• Vision check – visual acuity and colour vision
• Height, Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Physical examination
• Specific screening related to workplace exposure

Further investigations such as blood tests, ECG, lung function tests may be required to clarify clinical findings.