Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes is currently the fastest growing debilitating disease in the world and the UAE ranks the second highest worldwide for diabetes prevalence with close to 20% of the population now living with diabetes. The increased incidence of diabetes in this region is related to physical inactivity coupled with obesity and an unhealthy diet.

Though there are various types of diabetes, the basic defect in diabetes is the body’s inability to utilize glucose (sugar) adequately leading to high blood sugar levels. This in turn upsets other metabolic activities in the body leading to symptoms and long term complications which affects almost every organ in the body.

Research has shown that complications of diabetes can be significantly reduced by maintaining good control of blood glucose and other associated risk factors such as high cholesterol and blood pressure. The management of diabetes varies between individuals and therefore requires a coordinated approach by the healthcare facility to provide adequate education, assistance with self management, regular assessments by the physician and specialist opinion for management of complications.

uniCare has developed a team of healthcare providers who provide:-

• Diabetes education
• Telephone assistance by nurses about health concerns and self management
• Nutritional advice
• Systems to track members with diabetes and reminders for assessments
• Specialist advice for management of complications

Call 971 4 3529292 for advice about your diabetes


What is diabetes ?