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Founded in 1998, uniCare Medical Centre is a multispecialty medical centre. The medical centre located in BurJuman Center, an up-market shopping mall in the heart of Dubai, is currently one of the leading multispecialty medical centers’ catering to a multiethnic population of Dubai. The various specialties in the centre are supported by state of the art facilities and ancillary services. Clients are provided outpatient medical services through our location at BurJuman. Patients who need inpatient treatment are catered through our associate hospitals. uniCare caters to some of the largest corporate customers based in the UAE.

In addition to providing routine consultations in various specialties, uniCare provides specialized services such as Total Healthcare Solutions to corporate customers, invasive and non-invasive aesthetic treatment, Aviation Medical Services and is also actively involved in community health promotion. The uniCare group also runs one of the largest, JCI - USA accredited, medical laboratories in Dubai at biOsytech Polyclinic & Diagnostic Centre.

Beyond our responsibility for providing clinical and curative services, we believe our role extends to empowering our patients to exercise more control over their health. We consider it is our duty to provide them with information that will help them make an informed choice about their healthcare. As dedicated partners in our client’s healthcare team our physicians and staff understand their responsibility to provide them with the best advice and recognize the need to keep abreast of the advances in healthcare, so that they may provide them with the best choices.

uniCare’s mission of being a “Partner in Healthcare” to our clients extends to encompass our commitment to maintain a role of partnership with our medical and paramedical staff and other stakeholders. If you wish to join this partnership that has the power to impact the lives of the community around you, apply now to join the uniCare group.



Location - uniCare Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE …………

Licensed Nurse Practitioner

Location – uniCare Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE …………